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Sydney Adventure Cruises sites Migaloo Junior the white whale calf

I work with Sydney Adventure Cruises as a spotter and commentate on the whales.  On our 9.30am cruise on Saturday, 8 October 2011 we heard over the radio that there was some activity south of the Heads.

So at the heads we naturally went south. After a while I saw a disturbance on the surface of the water – it was a calm day and there was no reason for white water as far as I could tell. I thought maybe there were dolphins, and said to the Captain that I was not sure that there was a whale, but something was happening just over to the south east of us.

We went over to check it out and I was more than amazed to see a white whale. I was so excited, and at first glance thought it was Migaloo. After better sightings I realised it was instead a white calf.

We were the first ship to see the white calf, and stayed with it for about two hours. After about 40 minutes another ship arrived, and they called in the media. The Channel 9 helicopter was soon above us and an aerial photo of the mother and white calf taken then covered the front page of the Sunday Telegraph the next day!

Most of the time the calf was cruising along close to its mother, and often it was totally under water. Usually a calf would not be visible underwater, but because of this calf’s colour it showed as a bright turquoise shape underwater. I am concerned that the calf is not camouflaged like other whales, and hope that it is not harmed because it is so easy to spot.

We were treated to a partial breach and one full breach before we had to return to the wharf. It was an experience that I will never forget!

Annie Skarratt.