A day to remember


Photo: Paul Bieboer

Though now retired, but having worked for almost 50 years in PR, travel, sales, etc in many industries and capacities, I believe I have an idea of what gives and is indeed “needed” to make things “work”!

From my first contact with Sarah, to the last thank you and cheerio to the crew of the vessel … a HUGE thank you to all involved with our “Whale Watch Cruise” experience.

Booked through a TravelZoo offer which helped my limited budget and facilitated a school holiday gift for my grandson – my son, grandson and I had an unbelievable day, with a most accommodating group of people.

Five minutes from Eastern Pontoon (Circular Quay), we were privileged to an entree’ – a pod of dolphins – and given time to watch their progress.

When a pod of whales appeared outside the heads, everything possible was done to give us the safest, best contact, viewing and extended time with them. 

This truly was a day we will all remember for a long, long time to come!

Great job and well done everyone concerned.


Beverley, Wayne and Nathaniel Byron.


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